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Should schools do more to promote League of Legends?

League of Legends is played by millions of people worldwide, if you totaled all of the people that are currently playing League of Legends it’s probably larger than any audience for a particular episode of “(blank)’s got talent” or “(blank) idol”.  At least one school has recognized the importance of League of Legends by offering […]

I Knew This Day Would Come

Robert Morris University created sixty (yes, 60) scholarships for a team video game, League of Legends.  This was brilliant and I am certain RMU will not be the last university to create scholarships for video games.  Within 48 hours of the news getting out, RMU had over 2,000 inquiries, including one from Gambia, West Africa. […]

Beautiful Day at UMW

On my way back to the office after my last class yesterday, my eye was drawn to one of our young students who really understands how to enjoy college.  She was gracious enough to allow me to take a picture of her simultaneously studying and appreciating the nice day.

Go It, Black Boy ( 1917)

A. Fay Jordan; Half-Century Magazine, July 1917 Go it, black boy, go it? Oh, never hesitate; You cannot be victorious If you stand around and wait. There are millions in the struggle, They’ve set their hearts to win, Spur your courage to the task Oh, hasten, enter in! There’s room on Fame’s fair ladder For […]

An Afro-American Peace Prayer (1915)

Hiram H. Holland [Chicago, Ill.]; New York Age, March 18, 1915 Almighty God, from depths of dungeon dark And bare as blighted trees bereft of bark, We hear, beyond the borders of the dawn, The raging war cry of Thy mortal spawn. We, whom they boldly brand the “lesser breed,” Fit prey, ordained, for Pale-faced […]