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Beautiful Day at UMW

On my way back to the office after my last class yesterday, my eye was drawn to one of our young students who really understands how to enjoy college.  She was gracious enough to allow me to take a picture of her simultaneously studying and appreciating the nice day.

Go It, Black Boy ( 1917)

A. Fay Jordan; Half-Century Magazine, July 1917 Go it, black boy, go it? Oh, never hesitate; You cannot be victorious If you stand around and wait. There are millions in the struggle, They’ve set their hearts to win, Spur your courage to the task Oh, hasten, enter in! There’s room on Fame’s fair ladder For […]

An Afro-American Peace Prayer (1915)

Hiram H. Holland [Chicago, Ill.]; New York Age, March 18, 1915 Almighty God, from depths of dungeon dark And bare as blighted trees bereft of bark, We hear, beyond the borders of the dawn, The raging war cry of Thy mortal spawn. We, whom they boldly brand the “lesser breed,” Fit prey, ordained, for Pale-faced […]

Race Troubles in Dixie (1903)

E. G. Thomas [Baptist College, Atlanta, Ga.); Richmond Planet, March 28, 1903 Times is mi’ty rough in Dixie; Satan’s in de very air. Holt on life sorter risky, Trouble’s broodin’ ev’rywhere. Dis here race is badly hated; Cause is simply dis, yo’ see– We’s gittin’ edgicated Ad’ de white folks can’t let be. Whites an’ […]

The Negro’s Challenge (1915)

Carrie Parker Taylor; Chicago Defender, September 25, 1915 You complain, my brother, my lily white brother, Of our poor race now and then, Yet you never have said what we should do To prove to you that we’re men. We’ve done everything so far that you’ve done, Except sit in the President’s chair, And the […]

E Pluribus Unum (1917)

Edna Perry Booth; Chicago Defender, August 4, 1917 I wonder if Abe Lincoln can look down from where he is, And see the things that happen in this land that once was his; I wonder if his heart aches; if the fears bedim his eyes; If heaven is not quite perfect for him, beyond the […]

To America (1917)

James Weldon Johnson; Crisis, November 1917 How would you have us, as we are Or sinking ‘neath the load we bear? Our eyes fixed forward on a star Or gazing empty at despair? Rising or falling? Men or things? With dragging pace or footsteps fleet? Strong, willing sinews in your wings? Or tightening chains about […]