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Faculty Salaries Fair Does Not Mean Equal

Treating everyone the same does not mean equality and is not fair in itself. People are different and when you treat people exactly the same, you deny their uniqueness. People are not and never have been exactly the same, you cannot lose by being fair, however, you will lose by treating everyone the same. This […]

Look Who is Changing!

While I do intend to write about post-baccalaureate degrees I am using this weeks post to address the ACM Computer Science Curriculum 2013 and the impact it has had on the University of Mary Washington’s Computer Science degree. Starting in the fall semester of 2015 our department has reverted back to one track in traditional […]

STEM Education not so Dangerous

Recently I have read several articles about how our country is going to the crapper because everyone is pushing STEM education and not the humanities.   I am here to say that I don’t think the problem is STEM education. I honestly believe that STEM is what is needed for the future, however, you must combine […]

Grindhouse and Beyond

In his article, “Grindhouse and Beyond,” Jack Stevenson provides us with a fascinating (and quite colorful) cultural history of several urban theaters that played exploitation films from the 1960s-1990s.  His particular emphasis is on adult theatres.  I find his writing on the Mini Adult in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood especially interesting.  Here he connects two issues […]

Nabil Al-Tikriti Presents Paper on Ottoman Scholar Kâtip Çelebi

Nabil Al-Tikriti Presents Paper on Ottoman Scholar Kâtip ÇelebiNabil Al-Tikriti, associate professor of history and American studies,  delivered a paper, “An Ottoman View of World History: Kâtip Çelebi’s Takvîmü’t-Tevârîh,” to the 1st International Kâtip Çelebi Research Symposium on  Friday, March 28. This symposium was organized by Izmir Kâtip Çelebi University (established 2010) in Izmir, Turkey. This was an invited presentation.
In this paper,  Al-Tikriti provided […] Continue reading

Exploitation Cinema

Ernest Mathijs and Jamie Sexton’s Cult Cinema and Elijah Drenner’s America Grindhouse were both released in 2011.  Both the chapter and the documentary make it clear that the story of the exploitation cinema is likewise the story of twentieth-century capitalism.  The themes that get exploited, from the pre-Production Code era until today strike at the public’s gut–variations […]