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You can never see enough cute cats (and dogs) – Helping the Fredericksburg SPCA

This spring our Marketing Research Classes and our Principles of Marketing Classes will be developing advertisements for the Fredericksburg SPCA.  The Marketing Research classes will be conducting a large survey that will then be used to inform the advertisements that are created by the Principles Classes.  The goal of this entire project is to encourage […]

Advertisements for our Graduate Programs

I can’t lie, these are some of the best ads you’ll ever see.  Students in my Principles of Marketing (BUAD 310) class developed advertisements for our graduate programs.  The students create the ads from scratch with little to no prior experience doing video work.  They were simply outstanding!  Thank you to the DTLT (Andy Rush), […]

“Which of the following best describes you?”

I tried something different on the second to last day of class. We spent the last week on the larger ethical and philosophical questions of the work that sociologists do, and I told them about something that’s been troubling me for the last few years, and asked for their advice about what to do. I […]

Movie memorabilia for sale on eBay

The marketing club is selling several movie t-shirts and one box set containing 25 of the best movies ever made by NBC Universal (including Jaws, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Despicable Me, and many more).  These products were generously donated to us by an alumni who works for NBC Universal.  The proceeds from the […]

Should schools do more to promote League of Legends?

League of Legends is played by millions of people worldwide, if you totaled all of the people that are currently playing League of Legends it’s probably larger than any audience for a particular episode of “(blank)’s got talent” or “(blank) idol”.  At least one school has recognized the importance of League of Legends by offering […]