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Grindhouse and Beyond

In “Grindhouse and Beyond,” Jack Stevenson provides a fascinating (and quite colorful) history of several urban theatres that ran “exploitation” films (specifically pornography) from the 1960s-1990s.   Is there common ground between the “grindhouse” experience and the “cinema of attractions” we covered last class?  Explain in a 50-word response as indicated in the syllabus.

Grindhouse and Beyond

At this early point in the course, we are working toward a definition of “grindhouse” (which is both a type of film and a type of theatre).  In his article, “Grindhouse and Beyond,” Jack Stevenson provides us with a fascinating (and quite colorful) cultural history of several urban theaters that played exploitation films from the […]


Seven weeks of travel with two nights in my own bed.  Two trips to Europe broken up by a pair of seminars back to back in DC.  The cities I have seen!  Dublin, Berlin, Lodz (Poland), Warsaw, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna (Austria), Prague, Rome, Florence, Chianti, Siena, Posillipo (Italy), Cuma (Italy), and, from the airport, Chicago, Barcelona and […]

Rape Culture and Institutional Denial as Backlash

I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from the past year at Mary Washington. We’ve had too many deep, hurtful losses: personally, privately, and publicly; we’ve lost loved ones and trusted colleagues to cancer. We’ve lost brilliant and loving students to illness, to suicide, and – unconscionably—to murder. All this loss should nevertheless … Continue reading Rape Culture and Institutional Denial as Backlash

My Son Belongs in Your Class

Source: A beautifully written article about all the reasons why we should be including all students in the general education curriculum to the greatest extent possible. In the wise words of Lisa Dieker, “inclusion isn’t something you do, it’s something you believe.” A few of my favorite quotes from this article include: “Inclusion isn’t […]