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Unauthorized migration is an act of desperation, not love

A lot has been said recently of Jeb Bush’s “compassionate” conservatism with regard to unauthorized migrants.  Rejecting the idea that the unauthorized are felons,* Bush explains that immigrants who come to the US “illegally” do so as an “act of love.” He explains, The way I look at this is someone who comes to our […]

Female Demographics in the News

The Wall Street Journal has recently published two interesting articles regarding female demographics.  One had to do with women who decide to be full-time homemakers.  29% of all mothers with children under 18 stayed at home, the highest number recorded since the late 1980s.  85% of married stay-at-home mothers are doing so by choice, not […]

The Probability of an Auto Recall

Two auto manufacturers have been in the news recently, Toyota and GM.  Toyota was fine over a billion dollars for not alerting regulators in the U.S earlier regarding their accelerator issues and product recalls by GM have been linked to multiple deaths in the U.S.  These incidences represent cases where manufacturers should have acted sooner […]

Why I run

I’m approaching middle age, I have a three year old, I’m constantly busy with work and have many other things I could do other than run. But I still run and I’ll be doing it for as many years as I can. I probably run about 30 to 40 miles in a given week, it’s […]

A Month on my RSS Drip

As part of the Domain of One’s Own Faculty Initiative this spring, I began to explore the world of RSS feeds.  Perhaps my favorite part of the DoOOFI was its focus on managing incoming flows of digital information.  The immersive sense of information overload was always the hardest part of living a digitally-engaged scholarly life

LinkedIn: Opportunity to Improve

Linda Clevenger is hosting a LinkedIn Seminar in 412 Lee Hall from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM on April 3.  LinkedIn is a wonderful business tool and I recommend you take advantage of this opportunity.  Bring your laptop or tablet to the session. Update:  There are a limited number of seats and registration is required.  […]

Episode 111…

It just sounds cool.  Episode 111.  And it was cool to be a part of the DTLT Today line-up.  My thanks to Jim Groom for a great conversation and for the thought-provoking discussions in our Faculty Initiative classes.  Every time I visit the DTLT center I leave there feeling invincible.  As if I’ve landed my first backside method […]