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An Appeal to Justice (1918)

Buford F. Gordon; ?? Century Magazine, May 1918 O time, where does thy River Justice Rise! Is Righteousness a meandering desert stream That rejuvenates within the verdant lands But loses itself within the scorching sands? And must we perish ere that it shall rise? O Fount, where is thy ceaseless stream to-day? Now long shall Ire […]

Ode to the Craven Fain (1924)

William Poag; Pittsburgh Courier, December 20, 1924 Who casts a slur on Negro worth, a stain on Negro fame, Who dreads to won hi Negro blood, or live, or die the same, Who scorns the warmth of Negro hearts, the clasp of Negro hands? Let us but raise the veil tonight and shame him as […]

Afro-American National Hymn (1902)

Ida German Carter; Baltimore Afro-American Ledger, August 9, 1902 O God we ask of Thee, Give us full liberty, O hear our plea! Lead this our race aright, Through the dark shades of night, Into the perfect light, Ordained by Thee. We from our native land, Brought by the captor’s hand, To till the soil, […]

The Champions of Our Race (1911)

James Conway Jackson; Washington Bee, April 15, 1911 Oh, they tell of grim, old giants who fought in the days of old; Of the knights who wore the gauntlets, of the many warriors bold; And they rave about the brave men who looked danger in the face, But we seldom hear a good word for […]

Afro-American (1900)

Chas. Fred White; Afro-American, September 1900 O. country, ’tis of thee, Land of the Lynching Bee, Of thee I sing. How long will this base wrong Pollute thy freedom’s song? Perpetrated by a throng Of heartless fiends. My native country, thee, How I long to be free! Thy name to love. I long to see […]

An Apostrophe to the Lynched (1916)

Leila Amos Pendleton; Crisis, 1916 Hang there, O my murdered brothers, sons of Ethiopia, our common Mother! Hang there, with faces upturned, mutely calling down vengeance from the Most High God! Call down vengeance upon this barbarous nation; a nation of hypocrites, time-servers ad gold-worshippers; a nation of ranting, ramping, stamping creatures who call themselves […]

Children of the Sun (1913)

Fenton Johnson; Crisis, December 1913 I. We are children of the sun, Rising sun! Weaving a Southern destiny, Waiting for the mighty hour When our Shiloh shall appear With the flaming sword of right, With the steel of brotherhood, And emboss in crimson die Liberty! Fraternity! II. We are the star-dust folk, striving folk! Sorrow […]

A Nation’s Prayer (1909)

Ref. L. C. Moore; Washington Bee, September 25, 1909 Omnipotent God who crowned our day, With grateful hearts to Thee we pray; Under cloud and sunshine led by Thee Peace and Justice we long to see. Thou God of nations, judge our cause, And help us to keep and obey the laws. A few may […]

Negro Philosophy (1929)

The Deacon [E.C. Jennings]; California Eagle, October 11, 1929 [part of a series] Why spend any money Sending missionaries abroad To teach the happy heathen How to serve our Lord. With a Bible in one hand And a sword in the other We rob him of his birth-right And then call him brother. The heathen […]

White Thing (1922)

Anne Spencer; Crisis, March 1922 (CHECK) Most things are colorful things–the sky, earth, and sea. Black men are most men; but the white are free! White things are rare things; so rare, so rare They stole from out a silvered world–somewhere. Finding earth-plains fair plans, save greenly grassed, They strewed white feathers of cowardice, as […]